Single formulations are for people that want to start a small business manufacturing and selling all types of every day products such as cosmetics, home cleaning products, house paints, car wash products, laundry products, perfumes and more. You can easily manufacture popular, professional and commercial good quality products using chemical formulations.

Consumers see the products advertised on television and bill boards and this encourages the general population to purchase consumer goods found in the supermarkets and malls. Trimo provides the formulations that you need to manufacture all the products that you desire.

There are no limits and you can purchase more formulations as your business grows. The formulations are charged according to the type of products that you want to manufacture.

The formulations that you purchase will be accompanied by a description on how to mix the product of your choice. You will also receive a marketing manual to help with marketing your business. We provide you with a list of where to find raw materials.

You can manufacture products that sell easily as you are manufacturing consumable items that people know and use every day. No need to spend money to attend a course. If you can read and understand English you will be able to follow the instructions to manufacture what you want to sell. This means that you only buy the formulation that you need.

What is a formulation? The importance of formulations is that formulations assist and enable entrepreneurs to quickly mix unique raw materials using specific methods. All our formulations are reasonably priced and you will be able to use the formulations over and over. We currently provide more than 173 different formulations to manufacture products that everyone needs every day.

Not everyone loves the same products. With a wide range of formulations to choose from, you will be able to purchase and manufacture only the products of your choice.

One formulation can change your life!